“Wonderful job! Thanks so much.”
Re: Press Release campaign
~ Scott Harvey,
Scott Harvey Wines


“You are awesome!
~ Lana Mounts,
Mounts Family Winery

“I just want to thank you for your tremendous efforts on behalf of ZAP.”
~Bob Biale, Winemaker & Owner of Robert Biale Vineyards
President, ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers)

“You are worth your weight in gold”
~ Jana Harvey, Owner
Scott Harvey Wines


“Susan, check out the analytics…look at where we’re getting hits from!!
Congratulations! This is proof that you are doing a great job! Thanks!!!
[Our Twitter page is the top source of inbound leads to our website for six weeks in a row.]”
~ Jillian Clark,
Owner, Kitchen Studio of Monterey Peninsula

“Susan built our Twitter to nearly 10,000 followers. Quite an undertaking!

~Renae Papapietro  Owner,                                                                                                                                                                                                            Papapietro Perry Winery


From: Tammy Schaefer
To: Susan Curtis
Subject: Re: yay

“This is unbelievable, I have so many twitter followers in my email it is a wonder it has not crashed! I have a guy that emailed me direct, he must have gone onto the website, he is from TX and is buying the Pinot. Good work!”

From: Tammy Schaefer
To: Susan Curtis
Subject: Re: whoo hoo

WOW! We’ll be at 3,000 Twitter followers by the end of the month!! Great job and great work on the announcement of Pinot Days. I’ve had one couple sign up already!
~ Tammy Schaefer
Co-owner, Pacific Coast Vineyards

“You have done an amazing job with building the twitter followers. I love the way you think. Your efforts are much appreciated by both of us.”
~ James Hoke
President and Owner, TourGuy/Las Vegas

“Susan, until you started with us last month, I knew just about everyone who entered our coffee shop. In the past 4 weeks, Bent on Coffee is filled with new faces, which is a great testimonial to your efforts.”
~Ron Couture
Co-owner, Bent on Coffee and Wine

[All Social grew Bentoncoffee Twitter from 14 to 1200 followers in less than 5 weeks.]

“Just wanted to let you know that we ran into Greg Walters last night (Publisher of Pinot Report) and he was very complimentary about all our tweets and facebook postings. He thinks they are great. Just the right mixture of “selling” and info.
Wanted you to know!”
~ Renae Perry
Papapietro Perry Winery

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