Social Media Works: Little Guys Make a Big Impact

Social Media Marketing is not the first to enable little guys to look big. In olden days, I worked for (and eventually launched) computer magazines, back when laptop computers could crush your lap. In that highly competitive world of computer magazines, like PC Magazine, PC World, and my Mobile Office, we attended every major trade show. No show was more important than Comdex, which brought up...
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New York Times Tests a New Twitter Feature ~ Content Marketers Win

If Content Marketing is King, speedy Tweeting of content is Czar. The New York Times (@nytimes) is testing a new feature that highlights quotes and sentences within a story, and in one click turns those sentences into Tweets. The New York Times experienced over an 1100% increase (yes, that is correct) in how frequently their story was tweeted with the use of this tool. Imagine if you could...
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Pinterest: The Long Tail of a Pin

Pin, Post, or Tweet? What’s worth your time? Fascinating. The half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1000 times longer than your tweet or FB post. How do we know? An interview between VentureBeat and Piqora reveals that there are similarities between Google and Pinterest: “In the world of Google, 70 percent of searches are long-tail, composed of four or more words,” Verma says. “Our hypothesis is...
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