Optimize Social Media Images

A picture is worth…35%! Optimize social media images — they are paramount! This up to date Cheat Sheet, assembled by Constant Contact, is very handy for the ideal dimensions for everything graphic you might add on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Twitter reports that Tweets that contain images receive a whopping 35% more engagement than those...
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The Ideal Tweet, Post, or Headline

Scratching your head about how long your Facebook post, tweet, YouTube video, blog post, headline, or e-mail subject line should be? Here’s an infographic breakdown, created by the people at ShortStack, that’s a great guide: Headline: 6-8 words, 55 characters Blog post: 1500-1600 words Email subject line: >50 characters Facebook post: 100-140 characters Google+ headline: 60...
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Social Media Works: Little Guys Make a Big Impact

Social Media Marketing is not the first to enable little guys to look big. In olden days, I worked for (and eventually launched) computer magazines, back when laptop computers could crush your lap. In that highly competitive world of computer magazines, like PC Magazine, PC World, and my Mobile Office, we attended every major trade show. No show was more important than Comdex, which brought up...
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