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Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP)

Engaged by ZAP to create, grow and expand the influence of THE Zinfandel Organization
to both wine producers and fans and advocates. Helped make the 21st annual
Zinfandel Festival in San Francisco the most successful ever!

Grew Twitter following from 76 to over 6,700 in 12 months.
Built highly successful outreach on Facebook, and introduced the ZAP blog, OnZinfandel. Perhaps even more significantly, All Social served over 200 Zinfandel producer members by educating them in practices in social media and networking them throughout ‘Epicuria’ and ‘Festival,’ culminating with a giant Twitter screen at The Grand Tasting.

Ian Blackburn founded Learn About Wine 19 years ago, and has been educating appreciative wine lovers to truly understand the complexities and beauty of the grape ever since. From introductory classes to advanced training to not-to-be-missed events, Ian’s passion for wine and entertaining makes him one of the top spokespersons in the United States; he was trained as an educational Ambassador for the Napa Valley Vintners and the Region of Champagne, France. Ian’s expertise and entertaining ways can be heard regularly on Los Angeles radio airwaves like KCRW, KLOS, KROQ, INDIE 103.1, 98.7 and Ian even appeared as an expert on ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

Ian’s plate is very full, running nearly daily classes and monthly, even weekly events that attract the finest of winemakers and wine aficionados. He brought in All Social to give him a few hours of sleep. We did much more than that, implementing social media to share some gems of knowledge that drive visitors back to his website, and growing his Twitter to over 5,000.  In addition, we created Press Releases to extended the splash of his flagship Los Angeles and Orange County wine event, STARS of Cabernet.

Beverly Hills Wine Festival
Imagine promoting a wine festival in Beverly Hills for the same evening as the Academy Awards? That’s just what happened for Beverly Hills Wine Festival. We were brought in to build sponsorship from winemakers and attract wine lovers who wouldn’t mind ‘tivo-ing’ the Oscars. That’s just what we did–using Facebook and Twitter right though the event. It was a sell-out, a beautiful event and a huge hit!

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