New York Times Tests a New Twitter Feature ~ Content Marketers Win

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If Content Marketing is King, speedy Tweeting of content is Czar. The New York Times (@nytimes) is testing a new feature that

highlights quotes and sentences within a story, and in one click turns those sentences into Tweets.

The New York Times experienced over an 1100% increase (yes, that is correct)
in how frequently their story was tweeted with the use of this tool.Runner clip art

Imagine if you could encourage your website visitors to tweet gems (and give your site credit.)
The tool is called ‘Save Publishing’, an Open Source bookmarklet by Paul Ford. It enables your website visitors to highlight content and tweet exactly that, along with a link to the website. You simply add a snippet of code to your web page to make this magic happen.

You can grab your own Save Publishing bookmarklet, and start Speed Tweeting!

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