Social Media Works: Little Guys Make a Big Impact

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Social Media Marketing is not the first to enable little guys to look big. In olden days, I worked for (and eventually launched) computer magazines, back when laptop computers could crush your lap. In that highly competitive world of computer magazines, like PC Magazine, PC World, and my Mobile Office, we attended every major trade show. No show was more important than Comdex, which brought up to 220,000 executives to fight over 12 taxis in Las Vegas.

Monday Morning Comdex  One thing I noticed was that trade shows  were the great level playing ground. A 5 person start-up could look as significant as Microsoft. How? By talking their angel investors into springing for an enormous 2 story booth at the show, complete with lights, demos, and music.

Today, Social Media can have the same impact. Instead of investing hundreds of $1000s in advertising or conferences, strategic online marketing is enabling tiny start-ups and boutique mom and pops to level the playing field all over again. I know. We do it for our clients.

In Advertising Age this week, How Tiny Startups Like Hello and 800Razors are Stealing Share from CPG Giants Jack Neff talks about the New Model: “The democratizing effect of social media and the impact of e-commerce likely play a role in smaller players gaining ground….The smaller the players, the bigger the impact: Companies with sales of less than $100 million gained the most and the share shift accelerated over time.”

Today, it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, that can be combined as the great equalizers.

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